• Sunday, Feb 4th
  • Arrivals & Check In

    Grand Opening Reception

  • Monday, Feb 5th
  • Keynote Presentations

    Panel Discussions

    Executive Networking Activities (Golf, Spa, or Water Activities)

  • Tuesday, Feb 6th
  • Keynote Presentations
    Panel Discussions

    Executive Planning Sessions

    Power Summit Soiree (Closing Reception)

  • Wednesday, Feb 7th
  • Farwell Breakfast
    Departures & Check Out


Content, Times and Speakers Subject to Change

Sunday | 2.4.24

Check In & Grand Opening Reception

1:00 PM |  Arrivals and Power Summit Check In

6:30 PM |  Grand Opening Reception

Monday | 2.5.24

Conference Day 1

8:00 AM | Breakfast 

9:00 AM | Opening Remarks

  • Shannon McGriff: Founder, Power Summit

9:15 AM | Keynote Presentation

9:45 AM | Powering Tomorrow: The Energy Storage Evolution

Join us for a conversation with experts from the storage sector. We will explore topics including technology advancements, grid resilience, market dynamics, global trends, and sustainability. Engage in insightful conversations on the future of energy storage and its transformative impact.

  • Caitlin Smith: Vice President, Policy & Corporate Communications, Jupiter Power

10:45 AM | The Energy Dilemma: Balancing Reliability, Affordability, Resiliency, and Sustainability 

Join our panel of experts to explore the roles of various sources of energy and the opportunities and challenges they share in shaping the future of our energy landscape. Gain unique perspectives from industry leaders, economists, and policy analysts as they discuss the impacts of extreme weather events, market rule changes, grid standards and other key topics that map our journey to a reliable, affordable and more sustainable grid.

11:45 AM | Closing Remarks

12:15 PM | Lunch & Executive Networking Events

  • Golf
  • Fishing
  • Spa
  • Water Activities 

6:30 PM | Sunset Cocktail Hour at The Point

Tuesday | 2.6.24

Conference Day 2

8:30 AM | Breakfast 

9:30 AM | Opening Remarks

9:45 AM | Keynote Presentation:

  • Robert Gaudette: Executive Vice President, NRG Business

10:30 AM | Power Players: Private Equity and the Dynamics of Energy Investments

This thought-provoking panel will explore the strategic role of private equity in shaping the future of the energy landscape. Explore the current state of private equity investments in energy, from traditional to renewable sectors, and gain insights into how they navigate challenges, evaluate and capitalize on opportunities, and contribute to a transformative sustainable energy industry. 

11:15 AM | Insights from Industry Decision Makers

Dive into the complex processes of energy procurement with our panel of industry decision-makers. This session will examine the challenges and opportunities influencing large energy users’ decisions, scrutinize the impacts on financeability, and share perspectives on future load projections, budgeting concerns, and ESG goals. Join us as these end users share their experiences, providing key insights into the landscape of corporate energy procurement.

12:00 PM | Lunch

1:30 PM | Executive Sessions

During the executive strategy sessions, each attendee will be assigned a starting room where a facilitator will lead the conversation. In each room, participants will engage in an interactive discussion for a duration of 30 minutes. After the first session, participants will rotate to the next room, and subsequently to the final room. At the conclusion, the facilitators will present the key takeaways and insights gathered from their respective rooms on the main stage as a closing highlight of The Power Summit. 

Session I: Customer Engagement Strategies:  Our discussion will focus on best practices for customer engagement, insights on enhancing customer satisfaction, and driving behavioral change.

  • How can data and AI solutions personalize the customer experience?
  • Discuss opportunities for collaboration between retailers, policy makers, consultants,and energy services companies to create seamless, consumer focused energy solutions.
  • Address KPIs and metrics for evaluating the effectiveness of customer engagement.
  • What role are ESG initiatives and sustainability goals playing in attracting and retaining new customers?

Session II: Topic Coming Soon!

Session III: Topic Coming Soon!

3:30 PM | Summary of Executive Sessions

4:15 PM | Closing Remarks

6:30 PM | Power Summit Soiree: Closing Reception

Wednesday | 2.7.24

Farewell Breakfast

9:30 AM |  Farewell Breakfast & Departures