Power Summit 2023

Charleston, S.C


The Inaugural Power Summit was held February 28th to March 2nd in Charleston, S.C. and brought together an exclusive assembly of executives and industry leaders who are defining the future of the energy landscape. The Summit unfolded with a series of insightful sessions, keynote presentations, and networking opportunities, setting the stage for what promises to be a more impactful 2024 Summit.


The Opening Reception, “A Taste of Charleston,” set the tone for the 2023 Power Summit. The rooftop event offered a panoramic view of the historic city. Attendees were treated to locally inspired food and beverages, offering a taste of Charleston’s rich culinary heritage, and an interactive sweetgrass basket weaving demonstration—a nod to the city’s local craftsmanship and artistic traditions. Against the backdrop of a beautiful sunset and the sounds of live music, the Grand Opening Reception not only provided a warm welcome to Power Summit participants but also set the stage for the collaborative and inspiring discussions that unfolded throughout the Summit.


Following a local-style breakfast, the morning kicked off with opening remarks from Power Summit Founder, Shannon McGriff. Keynote speaker, David Visneau, Chief Commercial Officer at Shell Energy, set the stage for discussions around the evolving energy landscape. As the founding sponsor of The Power Summit, Shell Energy demonstrates its commitment to fostering innovation, driving conversations, and shaping the future of the global energy landscape.

The keynote presentation, “Energy Security IS National Security” was delivered by Lisa Gordon-Hagerty, the Former Under Secretary of Energy for Nuclear Security at the Department of Energy. Gordon-Hagerty brought a wealth of expertise and insights into the critical intersection of energy and national security. It served as a catalyst for further exploration throughout the summit, reinforcing the conference’s goal of defining strategies for the future of energy.

Additional panels included “The Grid of the Future,” where experts explored grid modernization initiatives, investments, and implementations in response to the accelerating wave of electrification.

“The Evolution of Energy Strategy: Perspectives” provided a unique opportunity to tap into experience held by executives responsible for managing large energy portfolios. Executives shared firsthand accounts of the transformative changes shaping their organizations’ perspectives on the key decisions driving their strategies.

“Unlocking the Value of the Customer” explored the dynamic landscape of customer relationships in the retail energy sector. Attendees gained insights into the evolving nature of the value derived from customer interactions and how retail energy providers are strategically adapting to these changes.

The conference luncheon, sponsored by NRG, created an environment attendees could connect, share ideas, and discuss takeaways from the morning sessions, making the networking lunch a highlight of The Power Summit.

Attendees had the opportunity to meet Chris Ercoli, President & CEO of The Retail Energy Advancement League (REAL). His presentation highlighted the creation of access for customers to choose from a diverse range of innovative products and services, emphasizing the role of competitive markets in facilitating consumer choice. The session provided a forum for attendees to gain a deeper understanding of the importance of competitive markets in fostering innovation, meeting customer demands, and supporting clean energy initiatives.

The networking social, sponsored by Unified Energy, was a relaxed environment for networking and collaboration featuring an array of local fare and refreshing drinks.


The final day began with breakfast provided by Amperon, followed by sessions on economic forecasts. Renowned experts and economists shared their perspectives on market trends, potential challenges, and opportunities, offering a strategic lens through which attendees could assess and plan for the economic factors influencing the energy sector.

A presentation about energy resiliency as a service explored innovative approaches to ensuring the robustness of energy systems in the face of challenges. The exploration of the gentailer archetype was a thought-provoking session that dissected the evolving landscape where retail energy market participants possess both generation and retail capabilities.  Attendees gained a deeper understanding of the complexities and opportunities presented by this emerging archetype, shaping their perspectives on the future of the retail energy market.

The panel on driving change in the electric vehicle space featured industry leaders in electric vehicle (EV) markets. As the energy landscape transforms with the rise of electric vehicles, this panel provided a comprehensive overview of the opportunities and challenges within this dynamic and influential space.

Closing remarks were provided by Geno Cortina with Freepoint Energy Solutions, who wrapped up the Summit, leaving attendees with valuable insights and a roadmap for the future of the energy industry.


As we look ahead to the 2024 Power Summit, anticipation builds for another gathering of influential minds, strategic discussions, and unparalleled networking opportunities that will continue to shape the trajectory of the energy sector. Stay tuned for updates on the upcoming summit agenda as we prepare to delve even deeper into the evolving landscape of energy.